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IoM's Brexit contingency plans consistent, despite UK turmoil

Plannyn tuittymaght Ellan Vannin son Brexit cohassooagh, ny yei corvaal yn RU

Jantyssyn dy ve aarloo goll er jannoo ny strimmey

Ta plannyn tuittymaght son Brexit ayns Ellan Vannin er hannaghtyn yn red cheddin, ny yei neu-hickyrys politickagh 'syn RU [Reeriaght Unnaneysit].

Shen woish reireyder Brexit cheusthie jeh'n Rheynn Gastid Dellal, Steven Beevers.

V'eh loayrt ec taghyrt va goll er cummal son chaghteryn jeadys, myr ayrn jeh troddan y Heshaght Lught Traghtee, 'Vel shiu aarloo son Brexit?'

Loayr Mnr Beevers rish Radio Vannin ny s'anmey.

AS STEVEN BEEVERS : She'n cheu politickagh jeh ta caghlaa dy laaoil, agh cha nel y plannal tuittymaght as yn obbyr 'sy chooylrey t'er ve goll er jannoo ec Reiltys Ellan Vannin er chaghlaa ayns rieughid, er-lhimmey jeh cheet ny smoo dy ve trome bentyn rish jannoo shickyr dy vel ny cooishyn obbraidagh jeh tuittymaght gyn dellal jeant aarloo. Myr shoh, t'ou toiggal, cha nel eh agh jannoo ny strimmey as jannoo shickyr dy vel ny coloayrtyssyn jeant as dy vel dy chooilley red aarloo son ymmyd, cre erbee y scenario vees taghyrt.


Preparations being 'ramped up'

Brexit contingency plans on the Isle of Man have stayed the same, despite political uncertainty in the UK.

That's from the Brexit manager within the Department for Enterprise, Steven Beevers.

He was speaking at an event held for industry representatives, as part of the Chamber of Commerce's 'Are you ready for Brexit?' campaign.

Mr Beevers spoke to Manx Radio afterwards:

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