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IoM's EU migrants reassured by Chief Minister

Arragheyryn darree gys Mannin veih'n Unnaneys Oarpagh jeant gerjoilagh ec yn Ard-Shirveishagh

Cha lhisagh Brexit cur stap da obbreeyn veih'n vooar-rheynn Oarpagh arraghey gys Mannin - cordail rish yn Ard-Shirveishagh.

Ta Allan Bell gra dy der eh tosheeaght da'n stayd jeh mysh tree thousane dy lieh dy chummaltee Vannin haink veih'n Unnaneys Oarpagh, tra hed coardailys Protocol 3 yn Ellan magh ass.

Shoh ny lurg da paart dy leih v'er ghra dy vel ad boirit kyndagh ny oddagh çheet orroo tra vees bree currit da olt 50 ec Preeu-Hirveishagh y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit Theresa May ny s'anmagh sy vlein shoh.

Ec y traa t'ayn, foddee pobble yn Unnaneys Oarpagh garraghey as geddyn startaghyn ayns shoh, choud as ta kied-obbyr oc.

Ta Allan Bell gra dy nhione da yn aggle t'orroo, as dy jean eh gleck bentyn da cooishyn erbee tra hig ad rish.

IoM's EU migrants reassured by Chief Minister

Brexit shouldn't stop European workers migrating to the Isle of Man - according to the Chief Minister.

Allan Bell says he will prioritise the position of around 3,500 Manx residents from the EU once the Island's Protocol 3 agreement collapses.

It's after a number of people expressed concerns about their future once Article 50 is triggered by UK Prime Minister Theresa May later this year.
At present EU nationals can move and take up employment here if they secure a work permit.

Allan Bell says he recognises their fear and will combat any issues as they arise.

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