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Is a TT world series a viable proposition?

Nee treealtys feeu strane-seihll TT?

Nee treealtys feeu strane-seihll TT, er-nonney noddagh eh leodaghey yn TT hene?

Ansherbee, ta'n Ard-Shirveishagh Allan Bell goaill rish dy vel ram cooishyn ayn dy smooinaghtyn er, as reiltys Vannin cur cuirrey da lughtyn cur er oi dy chur Strane-Seihll TT er bun.

Adsyn as sym oc er y chooish, shegin daue shen y hoilshaghey roish jerrey y nah vee. My hed cooishyn er oi, t'eh kiarit dy noddagh immeeaghtyn-prowal goll er cummal ayns çheeraghyn elley sy vlein feed cheead as shiaght-jeig. 

Cur lesh y TT gys tooilley sleih, sheeu yn eie shen y ronsaghey, ta Mnr Bell gra.

Is a TT world series a viable proposition?

Is a TT world series  a viable proposition or could it detract from the event itself?

Either way, Chief Minister Allan Bell admits there's much to consider as the Manx government invites promoters to establish a TT World Series.

Expressions of interest must be submitted by the end of February and, if progressed, it's intended test events could be held in other countries in 2017.

Mr Bell says taking the event to a wider audience is an idea worth exploring. 

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