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Island features in Panama Papers

Ta'n Ellan ry-gheddyn ayns Pabyryn Phanama

Mysh hoght thousane entreil bentyn da Mannin, t'ad er jeet rish ayns y faarn-fysseree smoo va rieau jeant sy teihll.

Co-heshaght Eddyrashoonagh Earisheyryn-Ronsee, hug ee magh keeadyn dy housaneyn dy Phabyryn Phanama harrish oie Jemayrt ayns ynnyd-fysseree oddys goll er ronsaghey.

Ayns y chur-magh jerrinagh, ta faggys da queig thousane sheshaght har-mooir, daa housane offish colught, daa cheead eddyr-phersoon as thousane enmys ta kianlt lesh Mannin.

Agh cha nel myn-phointyn jeh shellooderys er nyn gur magh, as ta shen keeallaghey dy vel eh foast doillee d'eddyn magh yn ymmyd va jeant jeh colughtyn.

Ta ny thousaneyn dy h-entreilyn goll er-ash harrish daeed blein, as t'ad soilshaghey sheshaghtyn va currit er bun veih Mannin.

Paart jeh ny dellalyn smoo syn Ellan ren livrey shirveish cho-chorpagh, t'ad soilshit, goaill stiagh yn eear-oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed, Walter Gilbey.

Agh, er-jerrey, foddee dy bee ny docadamyn sloo jeeylagh nish na va reiltys Vannin goaill aggle roish.

Yn ynnyd-eggey ta cur magh y faarn, t'eh gra dy jeean dy vel ram ymmydyn leighoil ayn son colughtyn as treishtyn har-mooir - as cha nel faaue erbee ayn dy row reddyn mee-leighoil jeant ec fer erbee jeh ny colughtyn as treishtyn t'er y list.

Island features in Panama Papers

Some 8,000 entries concerning the Isle of Man have surfaced in the world's largest ever data leak.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists released hundreds of thousands of Panama Papers documents over Tuesday night in a searchable database.

In the latest release, there are almost 5,000 offshore entities, 2,000 company offices, 200 intermediaries and 1,000 addresses linked to the Isle of Man.

But no ownership details have been published, meaning it's still difficult to see what individual companies have been used for.

The thousands of entries date back over four decades, and show structures set up from the Island.

Some of the Island's biggest corporate service providers are highlighted as well as individuals - including former Glenfaba MHK Walter Gilbey.

But the documents may yet prove less immediately damaging than the Manx government had first feared.

The website hosting the leak is keen to point out that there are plenty of legal uses for offshore companies and trusts - and there's no suggestion of any wrongdoing by any of those on the list.

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