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Island needs TUPE legislation: union boss

Ta'n Ellan feme slattys TUPE, as fer-toshee heshaght-cheirdey

Fer-toshee heshaght-cheirdee ass yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, t'eh gra dy vel feme er Mannin slattys TUPE y chur lesh stiagh, er yn oyr dy vel eh jeeaghyn dy bee tooilley shirveishyn-reiltys goll er stiurey ec yn cherroo preevaadjagh.

Terry Pullinger, ass sheshaght-cheirdey ny h-obbreeyn eddyr-insh, v'eh ayns yn Ellan son çhaglym dy resooney cre hig er ard-offish phostagh Rhumsaa.

Skimmee vees goll er arraghey veih Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin gys Spar, t'ad cur eddin er giarrey mooar ayns y faill oc. Ta Mnr Pullinger gra dy vel shen soilshaghey dy vel feme er slattys TUPE ayns Mannin - shen slattys bentyn da coadey failley kianlt lesh livrey harrish failleyder. Yinnagh lheid y clattys shickyraghey dy beagh barrantys ec obbreeyn preevaadjit, bentyn da conaantyn-failley.

Ta Mnr Pullinger gra dy re eie t'ayn va jiooldit er reiltys Vannin er-ash ayns feed cheead as daa-yeig.

Island needs TUPE legislation: union boss

A union head from the UK says the Isle of Man now needs to introduce TUPE legislation as more and more government services look likely to be run by the private sector.

Terry Pullinger of the Communications Workers Union was on the Island for a meeting to discuss the future of Ramsey's Crown Post Office.

He says the fact staff moving from Isle of Man Post Officd to Spar face a substantial pay cut shows Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) laws are needed here to make sure terms and conditions are guaranteed for privatised workers.

Mr Pullinger says it's an idea the Manx government dismissed back in 2012.

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