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Island 'ready' for all Brexit scenarios, says enterprise minister

Ellan 'aarloo' son dy chooilley scenario Brexit, as y shirveishagh gastid dellal

Laurence Skelly loayrt mychione Preeu-Airey noa yn RU

Ta'n shirveishagh gastid dellal gra dy vel Ellan Vannin 'aarloo' son Brexit creoi, ny eer gyn dellal erbee – lurg pointeil preeu-airey noa er yn Ellan hoal.

As feysht ersyn mychione speeideilys Boris Johnson ayns cosney gys ard y phartee cummaadagh 'syn RU [Reeriaght Unnaneysit], hug Laurence Skelly y freggyrt shoh:

AS LAURENCE SKELLY : Well, myr t'ou toiggal, er-lhiam dy vel eh cheet back reesht gys yn ethos classicagh Manninagh shen, cre erbee yn airt t'ou ceau eh, t'eh dy kinjagh ny hassoo. Ta shinyn er n'yannoo earroo dy huarastyllyn er ny kuse dy caghlaaghyn eaghtyr t'ayn: Brexit creoi, t'ou toiggal, Brexit bog, t'ou toiggal, etc. Er-lhiam dy vel shin aarloo dy lhiasaghey da cre erbee vees yn eiyrtys er-lheh shen. As ta foast jurnaa ry hroailt echey. Ta turrys tommanagh echey, s'baghtal eh, cheet er oaie. Ta un red shickyr ayn, t'ou toiggal, cre vees yn airt t'eh geearree goll lesh, nee mayd lhiasaghey myr ta femoil.


Laurence Skelly discusses new UK Prime Minister

The enterprise minister says the Isle of Man is 'ready' for a hard, or even no deal, Brexit - following the appointment of a new prime minister on the adjacent Island.

Asked about Boris Johnson's successful climb to the top of the conservative party in the UK, Laurence Skelly gave this response:

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