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Island's Covid-19 'R' number drops

Earroo 'Aa' Covid-19 yn Ellan tuittym

Gyn baaseyn elley recortit

Ta rate aa-ymmyrkey Covid-19 yn Ellan er duittym.

Ta'n earroo-Aa ny hassoo nish ec 0.5 – yn chiaghtin shoh chaie v'eh 0.6.

'Sy chiaghtin va leodaghey elley 'syn earroo er mean rish ny shiaght laghyn dy chooishyn recortit dagh laa veih 22 gys 14.

Cha nel coontey giare jeh'n earroo dy leih 'sy thie lheiys as yn virus oc er ve clouit – ta Slaynt y Theay gra dy vel shoh er coontey earrooyn beggey as cooishyn bentyn da enney.

Cha nel coontey er ve currit jeh baaseyn erbee elley cochianglt rish Covid-19 – ta earroo merriu yn Ellan, neayr's toshiaght y phandemagh, ny hassoo ec 114. 


Island's Covid-19 'R' number drops

No further deaths recorded

The Isle of Man’s Covid-19 reproduction rate has dropped.

The R-number now stands at 0.5 – last week it was 0.6.

During the week there was a further decrease in the seven-day average of daily reported cases from 22 to 14.

No snapshot of the number of people in hospital with the virus has been released – Public Health says it's due to small numbers and issues with identification.  

There have been no further Covid-19 related deaths reported – the Island's death toll, since the start of the pandemic, stands at 114.

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