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Island's pre-schools 'falling behind'

Ro-scoillyn yn Ellan 'tuittym ergooyl'

Ta Mannin ass daayt bentyn da ynsagh son paitçhyn ta goll dys scoill hoshiaght, reir yn Çhirveishagh Ynsee.

Roish shoh, ta Graham Cregeen er chur faaue dy by vraew lesh cur lesh stiagh curriglym ro-scoill ry-hoi sharaghey ynsagh son paitçhyn ta feer aeg ayns yn Ellan.

Chammah as shen, shoh cooish hie er resooney echey marish shirveishee-ynsee elley ec çhaglym jeh'n Choonseil Ghoaldagh-Yernagh nurree.

Ynsagh da paitçhyn ta fo queig bleeamey dy eash, t'eh goll er stiurey ec y cherroo preevaadjagh ayns yn Ellan rish paart dy vleeantyn.

Agh ta Mnr Cregeen gra nagh vel eh liklee dy jig aa-chummaghyn erbee rish dy leah.

Island's pre-schools 'falling behind'

The Isle of Man is 'behind the times' when it comes to early years learning, according to the Education Minister.

Graham Cregeen has previously hinted he's keen to introduce a pre-school curriculum in a bid to improve education of very young people in the Island.

It was also something he discussed with his counterparts at a British-Irish Council meeting last year.

Provision for under 5-year-olds has been administered by the private sector for a number of years in the Island.

But Mr Cregeen says any reforms aren't likely in the immediate future.

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