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Isle of Man Bank charity charges deferred for a year

Taillaghyn Banc Ellan Vannin er sheshaghtyn giastyllagh currit shaghey rish blein

OCF goltaghey 'livreys' son trass cherroo

Ta Banc Ellan Vannin cur shaghey ny taillaghyn echey er sheshaghtyn giastyllagh rish blein.

V'ad skedjalit dy heet dy ve breeoil 23 Mee Voaldyn as veagh yn eiyrtys jeu tooilley costyssyn er y trass cherroo son oardaghyn bancal bunnidagh.

Ren Oltey yn Chiare as Feed son Rushen as Loayreyder yn Chiare as Feed, Juan Watterson cremmey y caghlaa roish nish myr 'gyn annym'.

T'eh gra dy vel y fogrey Jerdein 13 Mee Voaldyn ny chesmad er y raad kiart agh dy vel ny plannyn dy chur er bun ny taillaghyn y vlein shoh cheet 'ny oyr son molley'.

AS JUAN WATTERSON : Va ny taillaghyn shoh skedjalit dy heet stiagh ayn ynrican daa hiaghtin woish nish, as myr shoh, shoh livreys mie 'sy traa giare son sheshaghtyn giastyllagh syn Ellan. As er-lhiam, choud's t'eh foast oyr son molley dy bee ny taillaghyn foast currit er bun, er-lhiam ec yn chooid sloo nish dy jean shoh cur traa dy yannoo reihyn rere fys, shaghey yn driss t'er ve er sleih reaghey cooishyn rere yn chlaare-hraa va currit orroo, er-yn-oyr nagh row eh agh fogrey rolaue daa vee, nagh row, ayns rieughid, ry hoaiaghey jeh.

Myr shoh, shoh livreys 'sy traa giare. Agh ta mee foast smooinaghtyn dy vel yn chooish 'sy traa sodjey jeh taillaghyn er sheshaghtyn giastyllagh foast dy ve feayslit.


Ren Banc Ellan Vannin feeraghey da Radio Vannin dy vel ny caghlaaghyn skedjalit dy heet dy ve breeoil Mee Voaldyn 2022.


MHK welcomes 'reprieve' for third sector

Isle of Man Bank is deferring its charity banking charges for a year.

They were due to come into force on 23 May and would have seen extra costs for the third sector for basic banking procedures.

Rushen MHK, and Speaker of the House of Keys, Juan Watterson previously criticised the move as 'soulless'.

He says the announcement on Thursday 13 May is a step in the right direction but the plans to introduce the charges next year instead are 'disappointing':

Isle of Man Bank confirmed to Manx Radio the changes are set to come into force in May 2022.

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