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Isle of Man Newspapers sold for £4.25 million

Pabyryn-naight Ellan Vannin creckit son 4.25 millioon punt

Ta Pabyryn-naight Ellan Vannin dy ve creckit liorish yn shellooder jeu ec y traa t'ayn, Clou Johnston.

Ta Pabyryn-naight Tindle goll dy chionnaghey Brialtagh Ellan Vannin, Roieder Ellan Vannin, Y Manninagh Seyr as yn ynnyd-eggey Ellan Vannin Jiu son 4.25 millioon punt ny lurg çhebbal co-hirreydagh.

Ashleigh Highfield, ard-sheckter Chlou Johnston, t'eh gra dy ve yn creck ny ayrn jeh strateish cur-gys-un-çheu yn cholught. T'eh lowal da'n phossan geddyn feeuid çhelleeragh veih'n çhelloo Manninagh echey.

Ayns Jerrey Geuree, hoilshee Clou Johnston dy row ad ronsaghey creck pabyryn-naight ennagh dy gheddyn argid son baihaghey as dy injillaghey yn feeaghyn echey, agh dooyrt ad dy re 'yn cree' va pabyryn-naight Vannin ayns list dy hosheeaghtyn.

Caairliagh Phabyryn-naight Tindle, Yn Reejerey Ray Tindle, dooyrt eh dy vel pabyryn-naight Vannin foast cosney argid - nurree, recort y colught cosney jeh queig cheead, kiare feed as hoght-jeig thousane punt roish keesh.

Isle of Man Newspapers sold for £4.25 million

Isle of Man Newspapers is to be sold by its current owner Johnston Press.
Tindle Newspapers is to buy the Isle of Man Examiner, Isle of Man Courier, Manx Independent and the Isle of Man Today website for £4.25 million after a competitive tendering process.

Johnston Press chief executive Ashley Highfield says the sale is part of the company's divestment strategy and allows the group to realise immediate value from its Manx assets.

In January, Johnston Press revealed it was exploring possible newspaper selloffs to fund investment and lower its debt but described the Isle of Man titles as 'core' in a list of priorities.

Tindle Newspapers chairman Sir Ray Tindle says the Isle of Man newspapers are still profitable - last year the company recorded a profit before tax of £598,000.

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