John and Helene go great guns in Dublin

John as Helene goll dy mie mirrilagh ayns Divlyn

Ta cubbyl ass Doolish er nyannoo yn chiarroo marathon smoo syn Oarpey.

Va John as Helene Quayle mastey feed as daa villioon deiney as mraane, hie magh er ny straidyn son y raad va 26.2 veeilley er lhiurid trooid ard-valley Divlyn.

Hug ad kione er y choorse ayns tree oor, nane-jeig as daeed minnid as nuy-jeig as daeed grig, as ad troggal argid son syndrome Fragile X - ta shen jannoo er y vac-braarey/shayrey oc, ta kiare bleeaney dy eash.

Shen y bun eirit smoo cadjin jeh mee-ablid ynsee, as foddee eh croo doilleeid lesh ynsagh, ennaghtyn as ymmyrkey.

John and Helene go great guns in Dublin

A Douglas couple have completed the fourth largest marathon in Europe.

John and Helene Quayle were among 22,000 men and women who took to the streets for the 26.2 mile route through the city of Dublin.

They completed the course in a time of three hours, 51 minutes and 59 seconds, raising funds for Fragile X syndrome, which their four year-old nephew has.

It's the most commonly inherited cause of learning disablity and can cause difficulties with learning, emotions, and behavioural problems.

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