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Kermode praises Dhone's allegiances

Ta Kermode moylley ynrickys Illiam Dhone

Ashooneyr ta shassoo magh, t'eh er neamaghey er pobble Manninagh dy chooinaghtyn er spyrryd illiam Dhone - agh dyn dy ve kianlt seose  ec sheiltynys.

Mark Kermode, caairliagh Vec Vannin, v'eh loayrt ec yn çhirveish chooinaghtyn vleinoil ec Cronk y Chroghee Jelune.

Kionfenish neesht va Chris Thomas, oltey politickagh son polasee as aa-chummey. Hug eshyn faaue dy beagh yn raval politickagh Illiam Dhone er 'lowal rish' claare noa Tinvaal son reiltys.

Va Illiam Dhone currit gy baase sy vlein shey cheead jeig, tree feed as tree.Agh ta Mnr Kermode credjal dy vel y chooish ny smoo mychione cooinaghtyn er ny bleeantyn t'er gholl shaghey. 

Kermode praises Dhone's allegiances

A prominent nationalist has called on Manx people to remember the spirit of Illiam Dhone - but not to get wound up in conjecture.

Mec Vannin chairman Mark Kermode was speaking at the annual commemoration service at Hango Hill on Monday.

Also there was Policy and Reform Minister Chris Thomas, who suggested the political rebel Dhone - who was executed in 1663 - would have 'approved' of Tynwald's new Programme for Government.

But Mr Kermode believes it's more about remembering the past.

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