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Keys and Legco sat yesterday

Haggil y Chiare as Feed as y Choonseil Slattyssagh yn laa jea

Chammah as y Chiare as Feed, haggil y Choonseil Slattyssagh ry-cheilley reesht moghrey jea.

Lhisagh olteynyn politickagh goll er scrutaghey ec meoiryn-shee?

Va shen nane jeh ny shiaght feyshtyn jeig son shirveishee moghrey jea. Haink eh veih Claire Bettison, OKF son Doolish Hiar.

Va tooilley feyshtyn ayn mychione Pooar Nalbin (Scottish Power) ec oltey son Rhumsaa, Lawrie Hooper. As oltey son Ayre as Maayl, Tim Baker, va eshyn shirrey fysseree mychione moddee boirey er sthock.

Va daa villey ayn son geill - marish tree elley sy Choonseil Slattyssagh, goaill stiagh fir noa bentyn da molteyrys as shellooderys foaysagh.

Chammah as shen, va tree feyshtyn ec Bill Henderson - v'ad shoh son rheynnyn reiltys.

Keys and Legco sat yesterday

The House of Keys and Legislative Council both returned to sit yesterday morning.

Should political members be subject to police checks?

That was one of the seventeen questions facing ministers in yesterday morning's sitting, namely from East Douglas MHK Claire Bettison.

There were also further questions on Scottish Power from Ramsey member Lawrie Hooper  - while Ayre & Michael member Tim Baker wanted information on livestock worrying.

Two bills were up for consideration - along with a further three in the Legislative Council, including new ones on fraud and beneficial ownership.

MLC Bill Henderson also had three questions tabled for government departments.

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