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Labour swipe at offshore transparency

Y Partee Obbraghys shirrey baghtalys har-mooir

Ta'n Ard-Shirveishagh gra nagh bee yn reiltys eignit cur recortys theayagh er bun, bentyn da shellooderys vondeishagh jeh colughtyn soit syn Ellan - mannagh jig y lheid dy ve ny stundayrt eddyr-ashoonagh.

Yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, ayns Thie Sinshley Pharlamad Hostyn, ren y Partee Obbraghys red dy eignaghey ny Crogheydyssyn Crooin dy  chur y fysseree roish y theay.

Marish Jersey as Guernsey, ta Mannin er hassoo noi shen. Ta Mannin currit da ard-recortys noa dy hellooderys vondeishagh, veagh ry-scrutaghey ec oikyn-leigh as lughtyn elley keesh.

Lhiasaghyn Laboragh da'n villey argid kimmeeagh, cha row fys currit magh my nyn gione ro laue - as haink ad rish tra va politickeyryn as leeideilee ghellal cur yn geill smoo oc da claare argidoil Vannin.

Ta'n Ard-Shirveishagh Howard Quayle gra dy vel yn Ellan kiarail cooney lesh aghinyn firrinagh son fysseree, chammah as lowal preevaadjys da persoonyn.

Labour swipe at offshore transparency

The chief minister says government will not be forced to create a public register on the beneficial ownership of Island-based companies - unless doing so becomes an international standard.

Last week in the House of Commons, Labour moved to compel the Crown Dependencies to put the data in the public domain.

The Isle of Man, along with Jersey and Guernsey, has resisted the move, committing itself to a new central register on beneficial ownership - available to law enforcement agencies and other tax authorities.

Labour's amendments to the Criminal Finances Bill hadn't been flagged up in advance - and came while politicians and business leaders focused on the Manx budget.

Chief Minister Howard Quayle says the Island aims to assist genuine requests for information, while allowing individuals privacy.

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