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Lambs killed in Baldrine

Eayin marrooit ayns Balley Drine

Shegin da moddee goll er freayll fo smaght ta ny meoiryn shee dy ghraTa ny meoiryn shee cur raaue da shellooderyn moddee dy reayll ny beiyn oc fo smaght tra t'ad mooie son cosheeaght.

Shoh lurg kuse dy chooishyn dy voirey kirree 'syn ard mygeayrt Balley Drine raad ta earroo mooar dy eayin er ve marrooit as oashyn gortit, as yn eiyrtys jeh shen dy row ad er nyn stroie.

T'ad gra neesht dy voddagh kirree ve feer vioyral ec y traa shoh as nagh vel veg agh moddey ve ayn cur chennid er ny beiyn, as baase cheet orroo myr eiyrtys jeh shen.

Ta offishearyn gra, ayns imbagh brey eayn, dy nee slane-scanshoil eh dy vel moddee goll er freayll er yeeal as fo smaght dy chooilley hraa.

Lambs killed in Baldrine

Dogs must be kept under control say police

Police are warning dog owners to keep their animals under control when out walking.

It's after several cases of sheep-worrying around the Baldrine area where a large number of lambs have been killed and ewes injured, resulting in them being put down.

They add sheep can be very sensitive at this time and the very presence of a dog can cause stress to the animals, resulting in their death.

Officers say that during lambing season it is vitally important dogs are kept on a lead and under control at all times.

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