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Large donation will help refugees - Quayle

Nee toyrtys mooar cooney lesh kemmyrkee - Quayle

Ta'n ard-shirveishagh gra dy vod Mannin çhebbal pohlldal smoo fondagh da kemmyrkee liorish cur tooilley argid da Ard-Chommishoon ny h-Ashoonyn Unnaneyssit.

Ta reiltys Howard Quayle coyrt millioon punt tooilley da'n yere-cheim theayagh ayns Syria.

Ta shoh kyndagh rish scrutaght hooar magh nagh vel y leval dy phohlldal er-lheh ta ymmyrçhagh ec yn Ellan, dy oltaghey kemmyrkee veih'n çheer hraartagh.

Ta Mnr Quayle gra dy beagh orrin çhebbal y pohlldal cheddin as y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit.

Large donation will help refugees - Quayle

The chief minister says the Isle of Man can offer more effective support to refugees by increasing funds to the UN High Commission.

Howard Quayle's government is donating a further £1 million to the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

It follows a review found the Island doesn't have the level of specialist support needed to take in refugees from the troubled country.

Mr Quayle says we'd need to match what the UK offers.

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