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Latest Equality Act measures come into force

Saaseyn s'noa y Clattys Cormid currit ayns bree

Slattys 'fer jeusyn smoo scanshoil dy sheshoil ayns ny laghyn jeianagh', ta'n reiltys dy ghra

Va slattys, as y Reiltys cheet er myr fer jeusyn smoo scanshoil son oyryn sheshoil ayns ny laghyn jeianagh, currit ayns bree Jecrean (1 Jerrey Geuree).

Ta'n Slattys Cormid goll er cur ayns bree ayns keimyn.

Ta dean y tranche s'noa dy chur rish far-reihys ayns kuse dy ardyn, goaill stiagh eash, anlheiltys as keintys chammah's kynney, credjue ny beoyn keintyssagh.

Dy gerrid t'eh skedjalit dy bee coyrle scrutee er nah choad dy yannoo, bentyn rish shirveishyn, currymyn theayagh as sheshaghtyn.

Ta'n Roortagh Cormid as OCS [Oltey y Choonceil Slattyssagh] Jane Poole Wilson gra dy nee'n chooish syrjey ee, yn aght ta failleydee anlheiltagh goll er soiaghey jeh.

AS JANE POOLE WILSON : Scanshoil eh hoshiaght er-nyn-son oc dy chur eab er toiggal ny oddys ad mychione anlheiltys fer er-lheh. Myr shoh, ta anlheiltys rere y clattys cheet er lheamys eddyr corpoil ny inchynagh, as er-lhiam, dy stereochadjinagh, dy vel sleih feer vennick smooinaghtyn er lheamyssyn ta ry akin. Ta shiu clashtyn dy mennick sleih loayrt mychione sampleyr y chaair wheeylagh. Son shickyrys, shen ta paart jeh anlheiltys, agh er-lhiam dy vel fys ain neesht dy vel ymmodee lheamyssyn follit mastey y phobble ain, ta goll veih sorchyn ennee dy lheamyssyn gys lheamys ta jannoo er slaynt inchynagh.


Legislation is 'one of the most socially important in recent times', says government

A piece of legislation, termed by the Government as one of the most important in social terms in recent times, came into force on Wednesday (1 January).

The Equality Act is being brought in in stages.

This latest tranche aims to cover discrimination in a number of areas, including age, disability and gender as well as race, religion or sexual orientation.

There is shortly due to be a consultation on a  second code of practice, relating to services, public functions and associations.

Equality Champion and MLC Jane Poole Wilson says the way disabled employees are regarded is paramount:

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