Living wage dominates oral questions

Laue yn eaghtyr ec faill-beaghee

Queig ass ny jeih feyshtyn son freggyrtyn loayrit sy Chiare as Feed y laa jea (Jemayrt), ren ad cruinnaghey stiagh er un chooish ny lomarcan.

Lawrie Cooper, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Rhumsaa, v'eh freayll y chooish jeh faill-beaghee ashoonagh ny red ard er y chlaare-obbyr politickagh.

V'eh aarloo dy vriaght jeh'n Ard-Shirveishagh, y shirveishagh son polasee as aa-chummey, as y shirveishagh-Tashtee mychione caghlaa dy reddyn bentyn da faill-beaghee ashoonagh.

Ny-yeih, ta Mnr Hooper gra nagh vel aggle er dy jed y reiltys ergooyl bentyn da'n chooish.

Living wage dominates oral questions

Five out of the 10 questions for oral answer in the House of Keys yesterday (Tuesday) fccused on one subject.

Ramsey MHK Lawrie Hooper was keeping the issue of a national living wage high on the political agenda.

He was set to ask the Chief Minister, the Policy and Reform Minister and the Tresury MInister about various aspects of the measure.

Mr Hooper says he doesn't fear the government will back track on the matter, though.

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