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Local authorities to budget for pension changes

Lughtyn-reill ynnydoil dy chur caghlaaghyn pension 'sy chlaare argidoil

Jerrey er conaantey magh ass y nah phension-steat

Bee feme er lughtyn-reill ynnydoil cur caghlaaghyn pension 'sy chlaare argidoil.

Shen woish yn Chirveishagh Polasee as Aa-Chummey Chris Thomas.

Shoh choud's ta oardagh y Tashtey er chowraghey magh jerrey er 'conaantey magh' ass y nah phension-steat.

Ta'n bun jeh dy bee eh er kuse dy ailleyderyn as dy ailleydee tooilley keesh y eeck.

Ta Mnr Thomas gra dy vel eh red ennagh t'eh er y Reiltys cur rish neesht.

AS YN SHIRVEISHAGH THOMAS : She imnea mooar eh va ec Tashtey y Reiltys chaie as ec y Chirveishagh Tashtee, dy vel shen - y caghlaa shoh - costal da'n Reiltys £6 millioon, ny mysh shen. Myr shoh, v'eh red ennagh va rieau ayns inchyn yn sleih ayns shoh. T'eh orrin cur rish eh myr failleyder theayagh, as sharvaantyn y theay ayns Rheynnyn yn Reiltys, Buird as oaseiryn jeh Rheynnyn y Reiltys, as she red ennagh eh bee feme er ny lughtyn-reill ynnydoil cur rish neesht.  


End of contracting out of state second pension

Pension changes will need to be budgeted for by local authorities.

That's from the Policy and Reform Minister Chris Thomas.

It's as a Treasury directive has signalled the end of 'contracting out' of the state second pension.

It means some employees and employers will have to pay more tax.

Mr Thomas says it's something government also has to deal with.

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