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Local man jailed for holiday scam

Dooinney ynnydagh pryssoonit son crout laghyn-seyrey

Voll daa ghooinney sleih va shirrey laghyn seyrey, t'ad er nyn neyrey, ny lurg ronsaght liauyr jeant ec meoiryn-shee. 

Craig Peter Jay, ass Strane Cambridge ayns Doolish, t'eh er ny chur gys pryssoon son nuy mee jeig, as Brian Edward Penrose ass Chelmsford ayns Essex, v'eh er ny gheyrey gys shiaght mee, currit sheear son daa vlein. 

Chammah as shen, va Penrose er ny oardaghey shey meeilley punt y eeck da nane jeh ny dreihghyn echey myr lhiasagh. 

V'eh currit nyn lieh dy ren ad geid, molley as niee argid. 

Ghow yn crout stiagh goaill argid daa cheayrt veih sleih v'er reaghey laghyn seyrey, liorish jantys-daaytey er-linney Yay, jantys-daaytey enmyssit Expressbookers. Va faggys da tree feed as queig-jeig meeilley punt goit veih sleih gyn y kied oc. Haghyr shoh ayns Jerrey Souree, feed cheead as daa-yeig. 

Ny lurg y dellal lesh kaartyn, niee Jay as Penrose ry-cheilley argid y dellal, as ad livrey argid harrish eddyr coontyssyn-banc, ry-hoi follaghey cre voish v'eh er jeet.

Voll Jay myrgeddin EMS, colught-kaart soit sy Çheer Injil. Hooar eh ny shlee na tree feed as queig-jeig meeilley punt.

Chammah as ny deyraghyn va jeant, eaishtaght co-ooley slattys cooid kimmeeys bentyn da cooid Yay, gowee shen ynnyd ayns Mee Averil.

Local man jailed for holiday scam

Two men who scammed holidaymakers have been sentenced, following a lengthy police investigation.

Craig Peter Jay, of Cambridge Terrace, Douglas, has been sent to prison for 19 months, while Brian Edward Penrose from Chelmsford in Essex, had been handed a seven month sentence, suspended for two years.

Penrose was also ordered to pay £6,000 in compensation to one of the victims.

They were charged with theft, deception and money laundering. 

The scam involved double charging people who had booked holidays through Jay's online dating agency, Expressbookers, with almost £75,000 being taken from people without their authorisation. This happened in July 2012. 

Following the card processing, Jay and Penrose jointly laundered the proceeds of the transactions, transferring money between bank accounts and locations to try and disguise where it had  come from.

Jay also scammed a Dutch-based card processing company, EMS, to the tune of more than £75,000.

In addition to the sentences handed out, a Proceeds of Crime Act confiscation hearing in relation to Jay's assets is due to take place in April.

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