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Mail delivery backlog due to increase in online shopping

Carn obbree er-mayrn ayns livrey post er coontey bishaghey ayns shappal er linney

Eam dy oardrail er linney cho leah as oddys shen ve jeant

Ta'n foill er ve currit er towseyn 'ard er-lheh' dy phost ny Nollick son cumrailyn ayns livrey post 'syn Ellan.

Ta Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin gra dy vel bishaghey mooar ayns shappal er linney cur doolaneyn resoonaghtagh fo'n Reeriaght Unnaneysit.

Shoh choud's ta ymmodee colughtyn ayns shen dooint lesh olteynyn y wirran gobbraghey ass yn thie oc.

Ta'n oik postagh er chur leshtal son cumrailyn, as t'eh gra dy vel eh gobbraghey rish Post Reeoil dy livrey nheeghyn cho leah as oddys shen ve jeant.

Ta sleih vees shappal er linney goll er greinnaghey dy chionnaghey yn chooid oc cho leah as oddys shen ve jeant dy lhiggey traa er-nyn-son dy roshtyn.

Va towse gyn cosoyley roie dy phaggadyn as dy chianglaghanyn er nyn livrey Mee Houney, as ta shoh er n'gholl er gys Mee ny Nollick.

Ta olteynyn elley y wirran er ve faillt son imbagh yn eailley, lesh bishaghey ayns mooadys y flod dy shallidagh dy chur rish nheeghyn smoo.


Call to order online as soon as possible

'Exceptionally high' volumes of Christmas mail have been blamed for delays in postal deliveries on the Island.

The Isle of Man Post Office says a significant increase in online shopping is causing logistical challenges in the UK.

It's as many companies there are closed with staff working from home.

The post office has apologised for delays, and says its working with Royal Mail to deliver items as soon as possible.

Online shoppers are urged to make their purchases as soon as possible to allow time for them to arrive. 

An unprecedented level of packets and parcels were delivered in November, and this has continued through to December.

Extra staff have been recruited for the festive period, with the fleet size increased temporarily to deal with larger items.  

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