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Major airport revamp underway

Karraghey mooar da'n phurt aer fo raad

'Bee boirey freillt gys yn chooid sloo'

Ta obbraghyn mooarey er mysh £300,000 er n'ghoaill toshiaght ayns Purt Aer Runnysvie yn chiaghtin shoh er ard shickyrys aa-chummit.

Ta oaseiryn ec y phurt aer gra dy vel ad jeeaghyn dy reayll boirey gys y chooid sloo choud's t'ad goll er lesh yn chalee.

Nee'n ayrn noa goaill stiagh coarys automatagh cur back dollanyn, lhaideryn lectraneagh son kaartyn-chlaare as cullee scrialtagh.

Ta'n Rheynn Bun-Troggalys soit er cur er bun traa faarkee 10 minnidyn son troailtee dy gholl trooid shickyrys as t'eh shassoo er dy bee y nah ghreie scannal gobbraghey ec traaghyn preaysagh.

Major airport revamp underway

'Disruption will be kept to a minimum'

Major works costing around £300,000 have started at Ronaldsway Airport this week on a remodelled security area.

Officials at the airport say they're looking to keep disruption to a minimum as they progress with the project.

The new section will include an automatic tray return system, electronic boarding card readers and monitoring equipment.

The Department of Infrastructure has committed to establishing a 10 minute waiting time for passengers passing through security and insists the second scanning machine will be operational during peak times.

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