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Malarkey rounds on rally organisers

Fer toshee Cooishyn Sthie fendeil Rheynn Bun-Troggalys

Fer toshee Cooishyn Sthie fendeil Rheynn Bun-Troggalys

Ta'n Shirveishagh Cooishyn Sthie er lheimmey stiagh dy fendeil e chumraag ayns Coonceil ny Shirveishee Ray Harmer 'syn arganeys ta foast goll er mychione scryssey magh dy anmagh Rally Ellan Vannin.

Ta'n Shirveishagh Bun-Troggalys er n'gheddyn cremeydys veih eameyderyn gys claare Radio Vannin 'King Loayrtagh' ec traa kirbyl Jemayrt.

Ren Mnr Malarkey soilshaghey magh dy vel y fwirran sauchys 'sy rheynn echeysyn as nagh voddagh ad er n'yannoo tooilley dy chooney lesh yn immeeaght taghyrt.

T'eh gra laghyn jerrinagh caillt as doilleeidyn ayns reaghydys Rally Ellan Vannin er ve troggal seose rish kuse dy vleeantyn:-

AS BILL MALARKEY : Va kuse dy phlaiyntyn, as ta fys aym er plaiyntyn, haink veih marshalyn, veih cohirreyderyn, veih'n theay, lurg y rally nurree, ooilley lesh cooishyn sauchys. Ta fys aym er ben as nagh row fys eck dy beagh yn ard eck cruinnit mygeayrt, as ren eh coayl y baatey moghrey dy row er-yn-oyr nagh dod ee cosney magh ass e thie. T'ad shoh ooilley reddyn t'er ve troggal seose rish ny bleeantyn jeianagh. Myr shoh v'ad . . . lurg y rally nurree, haink dy chooilley pheiagh mygeayrt y voayrd, hooar shin ooilley ny gialdynyn shoh woish Rally Ellan Vannin dy beagh ooilley shoh jeant foddey rolaue mleeaney, as reesht, keayrt elley, cha row eh.


Home Affairs chief defends DoI 

Home Affairs Minister Bill Malarkey has lept to the defence of his Council of Ministers colleague Ray Harmer in the ongoing row over the late cancellation of Rally Isle of Man.

The Infrastructure Minister received criticism from callers to Manx Radio's Talking Heads programme on Tuesday lunchtime.

Mr Malarkey explained that the safety team is in his department and they couldn't have done more to help the event take place.

He says missed deadlines and organisational problems with Rally Isle of Man have been building for a number of years:-

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