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Manannan Court to welcome patients

Close Vanannan er-çhee cur oltaghey da surransee

Unnid-slaynt cost 7.2 millioon punt, lhisagh eh ve aarloo son e chied surransee liorish y jerrey jeh Mee Vayrnt.

Unnid gyere slaynt aigney ta noa, Close Vanannan, gowee eh ynnyd Chlose Grianagh.

As eh soit er steat Thie-Lheihys Noble ayns Braddan, bee e reamys lhiabbagh bishit veih feed gys shey as feed.

Y Shirveishagh Slaynt, Kate Beecroft, t'ee jerkal dy vel cooishyn slaynt aigney goll er toiggal foddey ny share na v'ad ayns lhing Peter Karran, eear-leeideilagh Vannin Libraalagh, traa nagh row feer foddey er dy henney.

Manannan Court to welcome patients

A £7.2 million health complex should be ready for its first patients by the end of March.

The Island's new acute inpatient mental health unit, Manannan Court, will replace the Grianagh Court facility.

Based on the Noble's Hospital estate in Braddan, it will see bed spaces increased from 20 to 26.

Health Minister Kate Beecroft hopes there is now a much greater understanding of mental health issues than her predecessor as Lib Van leader, Peter Karran, encountered in the recent past.

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