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Manx Care has to be 'uniformal' says Member of the House of Keys

Shegin da Kiarail Vannin ve 'unnaneysagh' Oltey yn Chiare as Feed dy ghra

Eear hirveishagh slaynt cur coyrle da nah hirveishagh slaynt as kiarail y theay 

Shegin da'n chochianglys eddyr Kiarail Vannin as yn Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay ve 'unnaneysagh'.

Shen veih'n eear hirveishagh slaynt Rob Callister vees gra dy nee lickly eh dy bee'n shirveish fo 'preays jeh'n lheid smoo' 'sy vlein argidoil shoh cheet.

Ta'n saase ry hoi cosney argid va currit er Kiarail Vannin gra dy vel eh ersyn spaarail nane per cent jeh'n chlaare argidoil vleinoil echey.

Ta Mnr Callister gra nagh row bolgey argidoil y traa t'ayn 'sy choontey. 

AS ROB CALLISTER :  Myr t'ou goll stiagh 'sy nah vlein argidoil, cre erbee vees y chlaare argidoil, ny boayl erbee vees shen soit, bee ad fo preays jeh'n lheid smoo. As shoh yn oyr dy vel eh er nah hirveishagh yn rheynn slaynt as kiarail y theay soie sheese as co-obbraghey feer chionn rish fwirran yn ard sheckter cheusthie jeh Kiarail Vannin. Shegin da ve ny wirran unnaneysagh.


Former health minister passes advice to next minister of health and social security

The relationship between Manx Care and the Department of Health and Social Care has to be 'uniformal'.

That's from the former health minister Rob Callister who says the health service is likely to be under 'extreme pressure' in the next financial year.

The funding model that Manx Care was given states they're required to save one per cent of its annual budget.

Mr Callister says current inflation wasn't taken into account:

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