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Manx Care to ask for money to tackle 'concerning' waiting lists

Kiarail Vannin dy hirrey argid dy ghoaill ayns laue rollaghyn farkee ta 'oyr son imnea'

Thousaneyn dy hurranse farkaghey er quaaltyssyn

Ta traaghyn farkee y thie lheiys jannoo seose 'oyr son imnea' as ta obbyr goll er jannoo dy chur eab er shareaghey ad.

Ta Kiarail Vannin er veeraghey rish Radio Vannin dy vel eh fo raad er shirrey er yn Tashtey son tooilley argid dy chooney lesh goaill ayns laue y carn obbree er-mayrn.

Ta data er rollaghyn farkee soilshaghey magh dy vel thousaneyn dy hurransee farkaghey er quaaltyssyn ayns earroo dy ardyn er-lheh.

Ta traaghyn farkee sodjey son quaaltyssyn toshee ayns kuse dy ardyn er jeet dy ve bunnys queig bleeaney.

Ta ny shlee na 3,300 sleih ec y traa t'ayn farkaghey er ve currit gys cardioaylleeaght lesh traa farkee sodjey son quaaltys toshee jeh 2.4 vlein.

Oddagh adsyn ta farkaghey son lheiys ayns endocrinoaylleeaght farkaghey rish 1,751 laa ― ny 4.7 bleeaney ― as foddee eh ve 4.3 bleeaney son quaaltys toshee son gastroenteroaylleeaght.

Ta'n ard sheckter Teresa Cope nagh 'nagh vel eh ry hoiaghey rish' son peiagh erbee dy farkaghey choud's shen.

AS TERESA COPE :  Ta shin er vakin dy vel rollaghyn farkee er naase mooar dy liooar ayns yn daa vee jeig gys hoght meeaghyn jeig shoh chaie choud's yiarrin ta dy chooilley hirveish claynt as chiarail er chur freggyrt da Covid. Myr shoh choud's ta shayllyn dy hraa er ve ec yn Ellan as ta shin er ve seyr veih Covid, as va ablid ain dy gholl back gys stayd cadjin,  ta'n eiyrtys jeh jannoo ny sloo ny vees jeant, jannoo ny sloo yn earroo dy leih, scryssey magh shirveishyn dy yeeraghey er Covid, magh ass shen ta'n rolley farkee shen er naase.


Thousands of patients waiting for appointments

Hospital waiting times are 'concerning' and work is underway to try and improve them.

Manx Care has confirmed to Manx Radio that it's in the process of asking Treasury for more money to help tackle the backlog.

Waiting list data shows thousands of patients are waiting for appointments across a number of specialities.

Maximum waiting times for first appointments in some areas have reached almost five years.

There are more than 3,300 people currently waiting for a cardiology referral with a maximum waiting time for a first appointment of 2.4 years.

Those waiting to be seen in endocrinology could wait 1,751 days – or 4.7 years – and it could be 4.3 years for a first gastroenterology appointment. 

Chief executive Teresa Cope says it's 'unacceptable' for anyone to wait that long.

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