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Manx Credit Union reaches 'considerable milestone'

Unnaneys Daill Vannin roshtyn 'clagh-veeilley scanshoil'

Eabbaghyn dy chur er bun banceyraght chaghlaaee ayns Mannin, t'ad er roshtyn 'clagh-veeilley scanshoil', myr ta sleih gra rish.

T'eh er ny eeraghey dy vel coardailys jeant marish y  Lught-Reill Shirveishyn Argidoil. Nish, y possan-obbyr ta kiarail cur er bun Unnaneys Daill Vannin, t'ad abyl goll er-oi lesh ny plannyn echey.

David Talbot, fer ass y phossan-obbyr, t'eh gra dy vel yn obbyr goaill toshiaght dy firrinagh nish.

Manx Credit Union reaches 'considerable milestone'

Attempts to set up a banking alternative in the Isle of Man have reached what's being described as a 'considerable milestone'.

It's been confirmed agreement has been reached with the Financial Services Authority, meaning the working party aiming to set up the Manx Credit Union can proceed with its plans.

David Talbot of the working party says the work begins in earnest now.

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