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Manx GPs "overreliant" on opioid prescriptions

Fir Lhee Chadjin Vannin "ro-varrantoil" er oardrailyn opioid

Fer lhee ynnydoil jeean dy fakin tooilley therapeeyn elley

Ta feme ec Fir Lhee Chadjin Vannin er therapeeyn elley dy chur couyr da pian dy oardrail towse sloo dy ghruggaghyn opioid.

Shen rere yn Fer Lhee Helen Freer jeh'n Ynnyd Slaynt Cronk Vinch.

Ta tuarastyl veih Slaynt Theay Hostyn gooley dy vel mysh 12 millioon dy fir aasit ayns shen as ta oardrailyn er ve oc son druggaghyn as cummys oc dy ve neu-lhiggagh, gollrish meeindeyryn pian as milleenyn cadlee, 'sy vlein shoh chaie.

Ta'n Fer Lhee Freer credjal dy vel Fir Lhee Chadjin ayns shoh cur oardrailyn son rour dy opioidyn, as dy lhisagh ad jeeaghyn er reihyn elley.

AS HELEN FREER : Ta shin ro-varrantoil er ny stooghyn lheiys shoh, s'cosoylagh eh er yn oyr nagh vel ain lheiys dy liooar elley 'sy chishtey-cullee ain. Er-lhiam, t'ou toiggal, dy vel feme ain ooilley er goaill kesmad ergooyl as jeeaghyn ayns aght smoo ooilley cooidjagh er y clane dooilleeid jeh reirey pian. As, myr fir lhee chadjin, ta feme ain er tooilley aghtyn dy ve abyl dy stiurey sleih gys therapeeyn elley, therapeeyn corpoil: yoga, pilates, foaynoo mie inchynagh, ny reddyn myr shen. Ta feme ain er yn sorch shen dy aghtyn dy chooney lesh sleih, t'ou toiggal, dy ve sloo barrantoil er stoo lheiys. 


Local doctor keen to see more alternative therapies

Manx GPs need more alternative therapies for pain relief in order to prescribe fewer opioid drugs.

That's according to Dr Helen Freer from Finch Hill Health Centre.

A report from Public Health England estimates around 12 million adults there have been prescribed potentially addictive drugs such as painkillers and sleeping tablets in the last year.

Dr Freer believes GPs here prescribe too many opioids, and should look at other options:

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