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Manx make mark on Trump petition

Manninee screeu nyn enmyn er aghin Hrump

Aghin ry-hoi scuirr Donald Trump veih cur shilley-steat er yn Ghoal Vooar, t'ee er gheddyn faggys da kiare cheead enmyn screeuit ass Mannin.

Ta shoh geiyrt er liettrimys trome, oarderit ec Eaghtyrane ny Steatyn Unnaneyssit er arraghey-stiagh sleih ass shiaght çheeraghyn gys ny Steatyn - she Muslimee yn sleih ayns ny çheeraghyn shen er y chooid smoo.

Ta ny shlee na 1.6 millioon dy leih er screeu nyn enmyn er yn aghin nish.

Ny-yei shen as ooilley, ta reiltys yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit er nyiooldey yn eam yn shilley-steat y scryssey.

Haghyr taishbynyssyn noi Trump ayns paart dy valjyn as ard-valjyn Goaldagh oie Jelune, goaill stiagh Doon Edin, Caerdydd, Manchuin, Lerpoyll as Lunnin.

Manx make mark on Trump petition

A petition to stop Donald Trump making a state visit to Britain has garnered almost 400 signatures from the Isle of Man.

It follows a stringent clampdown on immigration by the US President, which bars people from seven mainly Muslim coutries from entering the country.

More than 1.6 million people have now signed the petition - however the UK Goverment has rejected the calls to cancel the viisit.

Anti-Trump demonstrations took place in a number of British towns and cities on Monday night, including Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool and London.

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