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Manx Radio in talks over TT contract

Radio Vannin ayns coloayrtyssyn mychione conaant son TT

Chaglym lesh Rheynn Ventyr

Ta chaglym er ve ayn Jemayrt eddyr Radio Vannin as yn Rheynn Ventyr mychione reaghydyssyn conaantagh shaghey bentyn rish y TT as rish Feailley y Roaraght Bree.

Haink y conaant v'ayn gy jerrey ec kione y hiaghtin shoh chaie.

Myr freggyrt da fogrey naight liorish y Rheynn Ventyr va clouit Jecrean, ta'n Stiureyder Reiree Anthony Pugh gra dy ren yn daa pharteeas cur roish y barel oc ayns aght baghtal as t'ad er choardail rish aa-scrutaghey y chooish.

T'eh gra neesht dy vel Radio Vannin er hebbal kuse dy hreealtyssyn da'n Rheynn trooid ny bleeantyn dy heet er caghlaaghyn towse dy chochianglys scaalheaney ayns ny taghyrtyn roaraght bree shoh.

As ta Mnr Pugh cur kione er liorish gra neesht nagh vel Radio Vannin rieau er n'gheddyn ny symyn mooarey va imraait.


Meeting with Department for Enterprise

A meeting has taken place on Tuesday between Manx Radio and the Department for Enterprise about past contractual arrangements regarding the TT and Festival of Motorcycling.

The current contract finished at the end of last week.

In response to a news release from the Department for Enterprise issued on Wednesday,  

Managing Director Anthony Pugh states both parties put their positions forward in a forthright manner and have agreed to review the situation.

He adds Manx Radio has offered a number of proposals to the Department over the years to cover various levels of broadcast involvement in these motorcycling events.

And Mr Pugh finishes by adding Manx Radio has never received the large sums mooted. 

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