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Measles warning for Manx students

Raaue mychione y ghruight son studeyryn Vannin

Coyrle currit dy yannoo shickyr mychione vacseenaghey 

Ta studeyryn Vannin goll gys olloo scoill 'sy vee shoh cheet goll er greinnaghey dy yannoo shickyr dy vel ad coadit noi'n ghruight.

Shoh lurg da Sheshaght Claynt y Theihll (WHO) feeraghey dy vel brishey magh trome y doghan ayn.

Ta sleih smooinaghtyn dy vel y ghruight cho ard as v'ee rieau recortit 'syn Oarpey, lesh ny shlee na 41,000 cooish recortit ayns chied lieh ayrn ny bleeaney.

Ta raaue goll er cur da sleih troailt veih trooid ny Hellanyn Goaldagh gys y cheer vooar.

Ta imnea ec Lught-Stiuree Slaynt Theay yn Ellan dy vel kuse dy leih aegey as nagh row y vacseenaghey MMR oc 'sy lambaanid oc.

Ta peiagh erbee faagail yn Ellan dy yannoo studeyrys, dy cheau laghyn seyrey ny goll gys feailley chiaullee goll er greinnaghey dy yannoo shickyr dy vel ad heose rish nyn vacseenaghey - goaill stiagh adsyn as ren ny paarantyn oc reih ass-nyn-lieh gyn shen y yannoo.


Advice to check on vaccinations 

Manx students heading to university next month are being urged to check they are protected against measles.

It's after the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed a major outbreak of the disease.

Measles is thought to be at a record high in Europe, with more than 41,000 cases recorded in the first half of this year.

People traveling from across the British Isles to the continent are being warned.

The Island's Public Health Directorate is concerned some young people may not have received the MMR jab during childhood.

Anyone leaving the Island to study, go on holiday or visit a music festival is being urged to check they are up to date with vaccinations - including those whose parents opted them out.

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