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Member of the Legislative Council welcomes Abortion Reform Bill progress

Oltey y Choonceil Slattyssagh cur failt er Billey Lhiasaghey Castey Torraghys goll er-oaie

Bunnys 80 lhiasaghey jeant sy Choonceil Slattyssagh 

Ta Oltey y Choonceil Slattyssagh ta er stiurey y Billey Castey Torraghys trooid y Choonceil Slattyssagh gra dy vel eh booiagh lesh yn aght t'eh er n'gholl er-oaie.

Hug shamyr syrjey Tinvaal kione Jemayrt er aa-scrutaghey y billey, choud's v'ee jeeaghyn er keim ny ronnaghyn as y trass lhaih 'syn un soie.

Va bunnys 80 lhiasaghey - son y chooid smoo ry hoi jannoo ny s'baghtal dy leighoil - jeant.

Ta'n docamad nish dy gholl son sur-smooinaghtyn liorish yn Chiare as Feed ec date s'anmey.

Ta Bill Henderson OCS gra dy vel eh maynrey lesh ny t'er ve jeant, as t'eh coardail rish possan pro-reih, Troddan son Jannoo Ass-y-Noa yn Leigh er Castey Torraghys, dy row Jemayrt ny laa mie son mraane ayns Ellan Vannin.

AS MNR HENDERSON : Ta'n barel aympene dy vel shen kiart dy bollagh. Ta feme er ve er shoh rish traa liauyr,  as ta mee er n'ghra eh 'sy Choonceil Slattyssagh, dy lhisagh y lheid shoh er ve ain, s'cosoyagh eh, ny s'leaie. T'eh cur reih da mraane, as t'eh cur ny mraane ny smoo 'sy vean jeh'n chooish na v'ad, as t'eh scughey y clane cooish shoh dy ve cochianglt rish kiarail slaynt. As ta mee booiagh lesh yn aght t'eh er n'gholl er-oaie as yn aght t'eh er jeet magh.


Almost 80 amendments made in LegCo 

The MLC who's steered the Abortion Reform Bill through the Legislative Council says he's pleased with its progress.

Tynwald's upper chamber on Tuesday completed its scrutiny of the bill, as it dealt with the clauses stage and third reading in the same sitting.

Almost 80 amendments - mostly for legal clarification - were made.

The document is now due to be considered by the House of Keys at a later date.

Bill Henderson MLC says he's happy with what's been done, and agrees with pro-choice group CALM that Tuesday was a good day for women in the Isle of Man.


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