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Men in Sheds opens doors in north

Deiney ayns Bwaagyn fosley dorryssyn er y twoaie

Ventyr dy chooney lesh shenn deiney ta nyn lomarcan as ayns fadanid, va toshiaght currit da dy h-oikoil y laa jiu (16 Mee Luanistyn).

Y possan Deiney ayns Bwaagyn ta soit ayns Rhumsaa, ren ad garraghey stiagh ayns troggal beayn noa ec thallooyn thie-lheihys y valley.

Lesh greieyn ry-hoi gobbraghey ayns fuygh as meainyn, ta'n seyraad ny cheirdlaan son shaleeyn crootagh as ny ynnyd dy veeiteil as goaill cowag giu caffee.

V'eh er ny osley ec yn Ard-Shirveishagh Howard Quayle.

Ta'n çhalee er ny cur er bun ec Skeimyn Beaghey sy Thie Vannin - sheshaght yiastyllagh currit da'n çhenn sheeloghe, lesh cooney veih possanyn theayagh ynnydagh elley.

Caairliagh Deiney ays Bwaagyn y Twoaie, Frank Pattison, t'eh gra dy re cummal shenn deiney dy ve tarroogh, marish shenn deiney elley, as slayntoil.

Men in Sheds opens doors in north

An initiative to combat loneliness and isolation among older men was officially opened today (16 Aug).

The Ramsey-based Men in Sheds group moved into new, permanent premises in the grounds of the town's Cottage Hospital.

Kitted-out with wood and metal working tools and machinery, the facility is both a workshop for creative projects, and a place to meet and chat over coffee.

It was declared open by Chief Minister Howard Quayle.

The project's been set up by Isle of Man Live at Home Schemes - a charity fccused on the older generation, with support from other local community groups.

Chairman of Northern Men in Sheds Frank Pattison says the aim is to keep fellas busy, connected and healthy.

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