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MHK claims Arts Council refused him information

Ta Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed gra dy dob Coonseil ny h-Ellynyn fysseree y chur da

Chris Robertshaw, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Doolish Hiar, t'eh gra dy vel eh lane kiarit dy vrishey trooid ny t'eh genmys 'breid d'olliaght' ta coodaghey Coonseil ny h-Ellynyn Vannin.

Ta shoh taghyrt tra ta Coonseil ny h-Ellynyn goll dy yiarrey dy mooar yn argid son Galleree Sayle, t'ayns co-hroggalyn y Villa Marina - ga dy vel y Rheynn Ynsee as Paitçhyn er chur toyrtys argidoil son shey mee elley.

Ta Mnr Robertshaw gra dy vel eh feer voirit mychione freggyrtys Choonseil ny h-Ellynyn, as dy vel eh er vriaght feyshtyn jeh'n Choonseil.

Choud as shoh, t'eh gra, ta ny h-aghinyn echey son fysseree er nyn yiooldey.

MHK claims Arts Council refused him information

East Douglas MHK Chris Robertshaw says he's determined to break through what he claims is a veil of secrecy shrouding the Isle of Man Arts Council.

It comes at a time when the body slashed funding for the Sayle Gallery in the Villa Marina complex - although the Department of Education and Children stepped in to grant an extra six months worth of funding.

Mr Robertshaw says he's extremely concerned about the council's accountability and has contacted the body with questions.

He claims his requests for information have, so far, been rebuffed.

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