MHK pursues local authority reform

Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed shirrey aa-chummey lught-reill ynnydagh

Ta Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed gra dy der eh roish treealtys, dy jed aa-chummey lught-reill ynnydagh er ronsaghey liorish Tinvaal gagh blein, mannagh vees goll er-oi jeant.

Eear-choonseilagh, David Ashford, phrow eh gyn speeideilys, ayns parlamaid yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, bing y chur er bun, dy ronsaghey yn chooish, agh t'eh gra dy jeean dy jean eh prowal reesht.

T'eh ayns foayr jeh queig lughtyn-reill, dy bee shirveishyn currit er aghtyn smoo strateishagh, lesh lughtyn-reill son y Twoaie, y Jiass, yn Eear, y Niar as Doolish.

Ta'n reiltys currit da 'jeeaghyn reesht er saase as skedjal son caghlaa lught-reill' - choud as shoh, ta listyn-thieys er nyn gur magh ec y Rheynn Bun-Troggalys.

Ta Mnr Ashford gra, mannagh vees aa-chummey jeant dy leah, hig eshyn er-ash reesht.

MHK pursues local authority reform

An MHK says he'll propose that local authoriy reform is investigated by Tynwald every year, unless progress is made.

Former councillor, David Ashford, tried unsuccessfully to establish a committee to investigate the issue during parliament last week, but insists he will try again.

He favours a five authority model for more strategic delivery of services, with authorities for North, South, West, East and Douglas.

Government is committed to 'reviewing an approach and timetable for local authority transition' - so far housing lists have been introduced by the Department of Infrastructure.

Mr Ashford says if reform doesn't happen soon, he'll be back.

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