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Michael Players guardians of Manx dialect manuscripts

Ta Cloiederyn Vaayl nyn-vir-choadee jeh lauescreeuynyn sy fo-ghlare Vanninagh

Ta Cloiederyn Vaayl er chummal sauçhey tradishoonyn cho-phobble as er ghreinnaghey sheelogheyn - ta shen grait ec Chris Thomas, caairliagh Chulture Vannin.

Y possan-cloie, ta soit ayns y cho-phobble, v'eh moyllit son ny shlee na tree feed blein dy hoyrtyssyn cultooroil, lesh yn aundyr Reih Bleeaney Vanannan feed cheead as shiaght-jeig.

Shen aundyr bleinoil voish Culture Vannin ta currit da persoon ny possan t'er chur y toyrtys smoo da eiyraght cultooroil yn Ellan.

Voyll Mnr Thomas ny Cloiederyn son cur roish, freayll and cur er nyn doshiaght cloieyn sy fo-ghlare Vanninagh.

Michael Players guardians of Manx dialect manuscripts

The Michael Players have safeguarded community traditions and inspired generation- so says the chair of Culture Vannin, Chris Thomas.

The community-based drama group was recognised for over 60 years of cultural contributions through the award of the Reih Bleeaney Vanannan 2017, or Manannan's Choice of the Year.

An annual award from Culture Vannin, it's given to an individual or group who has made the greatest contribution to the Island's cultural heritage.

Mr Thomas praised the Players for presenting, preserving and promoting Manx dialect theatre.

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