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Middlemarch site sold for £3.96 million

Ynnyd Middlemarch creckit er £3.96 millioon

Naight mie da'n Ellan, rere Shirveishagh

Ta'n ynnyd Middlemarch ayns Doolish er ve creckit er £3.96 millioon.

V'eh kionnit ec Middlemarch Chiarmaanit, fo-cholught da Shellooderyssyn Auldyn Chiarmaanit.

Roish nish hooar Auldyn Middlemarch Chiarmaanit woish y Phossan Sefton, Colught Freggyrtys Theayagh.

Ren yn Shirveishagh Bun-Troggalys Ray Harmer feeraghey y naight ayns yn Chiare as Feed moghrey Jemayrt (22ah Mee Voaldyn), ayns freggyrt da feysht liorish Oltey yn Chiare as Feed ass-lieh Doolish Yiass, Kate Beecroft.

Va kione currit er creck y thalloo, jeeragh er ynnyd yn eear stashoon barroose, y nah laa jeh'n vee shoh.

Dinsh Mnr Harmer da'n Chiare as Feed dy row eh credjal dy row eh naight mie da'n Ellan.

AS MNR HARMER: Ren yn Reiltys kionnaghey yn ynnyd er £3.2 millioon 'sy vlein 2013, as myr shoh t'eh er chosney vondeish jeh £766,540 er y chreck. She ronneyder smoo y Phossan Sefton ta Shellooderyssyn Auldyn, lesh 28.8 (per cent) jeh bun-argid ronnaghyn cadjin y phossan.
Bee olteynyn geearree goaill tastey dy vel y prios er creck ny syrjey na'n prios kionnee 'sy vlein 2013 er £3.2 millioon. She my chredjal smoo eh dy nee shoh naight feer jarrooagh; s'baghtal eh dy vel vondeish ayn; ta bun jeh dy vod mayd goll er-oaie lesh yn ynnyd Middlemarch, as lesh slane lhiasaghey Ghoolish Sinshley. Myr shoh, she naight mie eh. 

Middlemarch site sold for £3.96 million

Good news story for Island says minister

The Middlemarch site in Douglas has been sold for £3.96 million.It was bought my Middlemarch Ltd, a subsidiary of Auldyn properties Ltd.

Auldyn previously acquired Middlemarch Ltd from Sefton Group PLC.Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer confirmed the news in Keys on Tuesday morning (22nd May), in answer to a question from Douglas South MHK Kate Beecroft.

The sale of the land, opposite the old bus station site, went through on the second of this month.

Mr Harmer told the House he believed it was a good news story for the Island.

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