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Minister 'more confident' horse trams will return this summer

'Smoo barrant' ec Shirveishagh dy jig ny trammyn cabbil reesht yn sourey shoh.

Crookall treishteil dy bee moggyl aarloo liorish jerrey Jerrey Souree

Ta'n Shirveishagh Bun-Troggalys gra dy vel nish 'smoo barrant' echey dy jig ny trammyn cabbil reesht yn sourey shoh.

Ta Tim Crookall gra lurg chaglym rish oaseiryn er y gherrid, dy vel eh treishteil dy bee y moggyl goll as gobbraghey liorish jerrey Jerrey Souree.

Jemayrt 26 Mee Averil, dinsh yn shirveishagh da'n Chiare as Feed nagh row treisht echey dy beagh ny bolleeyn aarloo son yn imbagh shoh.

Ta Mnr Crookall cur raaue, choud's dy vel eh smoo jerkallagh, nagh vel shickyrys erbee ayn.

AS TIM CROOKALL : Ta caa ayn nagh bee eh jeant, ta, as shen yn oyr dy vel mee ayns sorch . . . Cha nel mee shickyr cheead per cent dy jean eh taghyrt, agh ta mee foddey ny smoo shickyr na va mee yn traa shoh yn shiaghtin shoh chaie, myr yiarragh oo. Ta foast 'my vees' as 'agh' 'sy chooish, agh myr ta mee gra, my vees eh jeeaghyn, cheet gys traa yn TT, nagh vel eh er-chee taghyrt, eisht nee'm cur kione er son y vlein shoh.

a eabyn jeant dy gheddyn ny pointyn veih boayl elley, as t'eh cheet magh nish dy vel shin jannoo set shallidagh dy phointyn ayns shoh syn Ellan, as dy treishteilagh dy jean adsyn cur-lesh shin trooid dy shallidagh derrey jerrey, son shickyrys, jerrey yn imbagh shoh derrey vees reaghys jeant ain er ny vees taghyrt rish cooid er-mayrn ny bolleeyn tram.


Crookall hoping network will be ready by end of July

The Infrastructure Minister says he's now 'more confident' the horse trams will return this summer.

Tim Crookall says following a meeting of officers recently, he's hoping the network will be up and running by the end of July.

On Tuesday 26 April, the minister told the House of Keys he wasn't hopeful the tracks would be ready this season.

Mr Crookall warns, whilst he's more optimistic, there is still no certainty: 

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