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Minister: no more silly increases

Shirveishagh: gyn tooilley bishaghyn bolvaneagh

Phil Gawne, Shirveishagh Vun-Troggalys, t'eh gialdyn dy bee jerrey er "bishaghyn bolvaneagh", myr t'eh gra roo, ayns y nah vlein argidoil.

Ta Mnr Gawne gra dy dooar y Rheynn echey magh dy row ee goaill rish jannoo lieh ny sproagyn va goll er aggyrt ec y Reiltys ooilley cooidjagh.

As harrish traa ny giarraghyn, t'eh gra dy row tree Shirveishee ec y Rheynn, as caghlaa dy varelyn ec gagh fer.

Ta Mnr Gawne gra dy ren eh geiraghey kuse jeh ny briwnyssyn va jeant oc.

Ta Mnr Gawne gra dy row eh boirit ec paart jeh ny reddyn v'eh eginit jannoo, as t'eh lane shickyr nagh bee eh shirrey bishaghyn vees erskyn y raayt bolgey-argid.

Minister: no more silly increases

Infrastructure Minister Phil Gawne promises an end to what he calls "silly increases", in the next financial year.

Mr Gawne says his Department found itself accepting responsibility for accepting half the savings demanded by Government overall.

And over the period of the cuts, he says there were three Ministers for the Department, each with different views.

Mr Gawne says he inherited some of their decisions.

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