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Mixed bag of issues in Keys

Caghlaa dy chooishyn son y Chiare as Feed

Va ram ry-resooney ec Olteynyn jeh'n Chiare as Feed tra haink ad ry cheilley moghrey jea (Jemayrt).

Baarail theayagh, poosey keintys cheddin, as coadey yn slyst-marrey, v'ad ooilley er y chlaare-obbyr.

Va shiaght feyshtyn jeig ayn son freggyrtyn loayrit, as hoght feyshtyn as feed son freggyrtyn screeuit.

Mastey ny feyshtyn, va'n Shirveishagh Tashtee Eddie Teare feyshtit row kianglaghyn jeeragh eddyr troddan-twoaieaght geuree ny meoiryn-shee, as giarraghyn erbee syn argid ta ny meoiryn-shee geddyn.

Eddyr y daa lhing, y Shirveishagh son Lhiasaghey Tarmaynagh, Lawrence Skelly, hug eh eddin rish feysht mychione tuarastyl-jantaght y lught-coyrle spoyrt.

Va shen bentyn da'n treealtys dy chummal strane-seihll TT, va currit er y skelloo ayns Jerrey Fouyir.

Mixed bag of issues in Keys

There was plenty for MHKs to discuss when the House of Keys sat yesterday morning (Tuesday).

Public spending, same-sex marriage and coastline protection were all on the agenda.

There were 17 questions for oral answer and a further 28 for written answer.

Among the questions,Treasury Minister Eddie Teare was asked if the Constabulary's winter awareness campaign was directly linked to any cuts in police funding.

Meanwhile, Economic Development Minister Lawrence Skelly faced a question on the Sports Consultancy feasibility report.

That was in relation to the proposed TT World Series that was shelved in October.

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