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Mobile phone offending explained by Police RPU

Brishey yn leigh lesh shooylagh soilshit magh ec yn unnid poleeney raaidyn

Gymmydey shooylagh as oo gimman carbyd, shen nane jeh 'ny kiare resoonyn baasoil' dy vel sleih geddyn baase er raaidyn Vannin - cordail rish yn unnid poleeney raaidyn.

Marish y resoon shen ta gimman ro happee, giu jough veshtallagh as oo gimman carbyd, as gimman fegooish cryss-sauçhys - ny h-oyryn smoo cadjin jeh drogh-haghyrtyn ayns carbid.

Lun meoiryn-shee troddan ry-hoi dellal rish kimmee ayns ynnydyn olk harrish yn Ellan y vee shoh chaie.

Neayr's y traa shen, ta immanee er nyn scuirr ec meoiryn-shee ayns gleashtanyn gyn cowraghyn, er nonney ta bieauid immanee er ny towse as t'ad er nyn gerraghey my v'ad gimman ro happee.

T'eh jerkit dy bee Obbraid fo raad gys Jerrey Fouyir mleeaney.

Loayr y sarjant Steven Kapsley dy bio er Mandate moghrey jea - hoilshee eh magh ny ta noi yn leigh as oo gymmydey shooylagh er yn raad.

Mobile phone offending explained by Police RPU

Using a mobile phone at the wheel is one of the 'fatal four' reasons why people die on Manx roads - according to the Roads Policing Unit.

It's joined by speeding, drink-driving, and neglecting to wear a safety belt - the most common causes of vehicular accidents.

Officers launched a campaign aimed at tackling offenders in hotspots across the Island last month.

Since then, drivers have been stopped by officers in unmarked cars or speed checked and penalised.

Operation Jukebox is expected to run until October this year.

Sergeant Steven Lapsley was live on Mandate yesterday morning - he explained what constitutes breaking the law by using a mobile on the road.

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