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More capacity needed, says Steam Packet CEO

Feme er tooilley ablid-ymmyrkee, ta Ard-Offishear Shecktyragh yn Phaggad Bree gra

Mooadaghey yn traa aynsyn ta troailtee çheet gys as faagail veih yn TT as y Feailley Roarey-Bree, foddee nagh vod shen ve shaghnit, my vees ny h-immeeaghtyn shen gaase as gaase.

Shen y raaue veih Ard-Shecktyragh yn Phaggad Bree. Mark Woodward, lurg da'n cholught echey v'er chur magh y fys dy daase yn earroo dy leih çheet gys yn Ellan son y Feailley, liorish shey sy cheead mleeaney.

Ec y traa t'ayn, ta'n Paggad Bree çhebbal son stiurey shirveishyn-assaig yn Ellan dy foddey-çharrymagh.

Dy foddey-çharrymagh, bee feme er tooilley ablid-ymmyrkee dy treeu rish smoo aggyrtys, ta Mnr Woodward gra.

More capacity needed, says Steam Packet CEO

Stretching the period during which passengers arrive at and depart from the TT and Festival of Motorcycling may become unavoidable, if the events continue to grow.

That's the warning from Steam Packet Cheif Executive Mark Woodward, after his firm posted a six per cent rise this year on numbers coming to the festival.

The Packet is currently involved in a tender processing with the government for the long term running of the Island's ferry services.

Mr Woodward says in the long term extra capacity will be needed to cope with demand.

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