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More could be done for businesses on prom says minister

Oddagh tooilley ve jeant son thieyn dellal er shooylaghan ta shirveishagh dy ghra

Goaill rish ayns Tinvaal lurg fogrey mychione obbraghyn

Ta'n shirveishagh bun-troggalys er n'ghoaill rish dy voddagh tooilley ve jeant dy chooney lesh thieyn dellal er Shooylaghan Doolish, t'er n'gholl er jannoo er liorish ny obbraghyn aa-noaghey ayns shen ta foast goll.

Ta Ray Harmer gra dy bee tosheeaght eh trooid magh y reiltys, cooney lesh ny colughtyn soit er y chooylaghan choud's ta'n skeim goll roish.

Haink raaghyn y hirveishagh lurg da Rob Callister OCF briaght jeh dy yannoo fogrey er yn aght ta'n skeim aa-noaghey goll er ayns Tinvaal Jemayrt (16 Jerrey Souree).

Nee'n shirveishagh cur feanish roish bing Tinvaal Jeheiney, raad s'cosoylagh eh dy bee tooilley scrutaght currit da er y chooish.

AS RAY HARMER : She cooish ee, as by vie lhiam co-obbraghey rish y Rheynn Gastid Dellal as yn Tashtey dy lhiasaghey ayns rieughid skeimyn share foddee cooney lhieu, as dy veeinaghey y boirey ta goll er jannoo. Agh ta shin loayrt dy laaoil, ta sleih ayns shen ooilley yn traa – oaseiryn dy fakin yn aght ta reddyn goll; cre ny caghlaaghyn oddys mayd jannoo; as yn aght fodmayd co-obbraghey rish thieyn dellal. 


Admission in Tynwald following statement on works

The infrastructure minister admits more could be done to help businesses on Douglas promenade, which have been affected by the ongoing refurbishment works there.

Ray Harmer says helping the firms based along the prom will be a cross-governmental priority as the scheme progresses.

The minister's comments came after Rob Callister MHK asked him to give a statement on the progress of the refurbishment scheme in Tynwald on Tuesday (16 July).

The minister giving evidence to a Tynwald committee on Friday, where he is likely to face further scrutiny on the issue.

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