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MUA price increase 'inevitable'

Bishaghey prios ec Lught-Reill Bun-Shirveishyn Mannin 'neu-haghnagh'

Ta'n Fer Lhee Allinson gra dy vel y co-chorp slane baghtal

Ta caairlagh Bun-Shirveishyn Vannin gra dy row yrjaghey ayns priosyn son lectraghys neu-haghnagh, lurg scryssey magh lhiastynys mooar.

Hig stiagh ayn bishaghey 1.8% ayns taillaghyn 1 Mee Averil - agh nee taillaghyn beayn as rateyn son ushtey as sornaigys tannaghtyn myr v'ad nurree.

Ren Tinvaal votal nurree dy scryssey magh £95 millioon dy lhiastynys y lught-reill.

Ta'n Fer Lhee Alex Allinson gra dy vel y boayrd 'cronnal as slane baghtal' mychione yn stayd.

AS YN FER LHEE ALLINSON: Ta fys ain dy vel priosyn ny bun-shirveishyn ny cooish arganeagh. Ta fys ain dy vel sleih, as 'sy Reeriaght Unnaneysit er-lheh, lesh yrjaghey feer vooar ayns priosyn gas as lectraghys, er ve strepey rish shen. As myr shoh, ny ta shin cur eab er chebbal, shen bishaghey feer chleeir as slane baghtal, as dy hoilshaghey magh yn oyr. Agh ta feme ain er priosyn y yrjaghey ny veggan as ny veggan 'sy chubbyl dy jeih bleeaney shoh cheet dy ghlenney y  eeasaght mooar dy liooar va currit.

MUA price increase 'inevitable'

Dr Allinson says body is being transparent

The chairman of Manx Utilities says a rise in electricity prices was inevitable, following a major debt write-off.

A 1.8% increase in tariffs will come in on 1 April - but standing charges, water and sewerage rates will remain the same as last year.

Tynwald voted last year to cancel £95 million of debt owed by the authority.

Dr Alex Allinson says the board is being 'clear and transparent' about the situation:

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