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Neglect contributed to man's death

She meerioose va paart jeh oyr baaish dooinney

Jayne Hughes, toshiagh-jioarey jeh bingaghyn-baaish, t'ee gra dy re meerioose ec unnid Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay va paart jeh'n oyr varr dooinney eh hene.

Ayns briwnys screeuit, dooyrt ee dy row skimmee ec Close Grianagh er vailleil dy yeeaghyn mysh William Walker, tra v'eh goll er lheihys ayns shen son cooishyn bentyn da slaynt aignagh. She troggeyder ass Skeerey Connaghyn v'eh, as v'eh queig bleeaney jeig as feed dy eash.

V'eh inshit da'n eaishtaght dy chrogh eh eh hene ayns shamyr ec Close Grianagh, as dy dooar eh baase ny s'anmagh ec Thie Lheihys Noble.

Dooyrt Bnr Hughes nagh row cliaghtaghyn-tastey er nyn lhiantyn rish, ny lurg da Mnr Walker er vaggyrt dy varragh eh eh hene.

Dooyrt Bnr Hughes dy lhisagh arrey er ve goll er freayll smoo kiarailagh er Mnr Walker, kyndagh rish reillyn cliaghtaghyn-tastey - agh cha dug skimmee geill da reddyn ayns e hamyr oddagh eh er nyannoo skielley dasyn hene lhieu.

Neayr's baase Vnr Walker, dooyrt ee, va foayssyn er nyn yannoo, erskyn ooilley ny lurg da saraghyn cur-ayns-bree v'er nyn gur da Close Grianagh liorish Slaynt as Sauçhys, ayns Jerrey Geuree, feed cheead as queig-jeig.

V'eh inshit jee dy goghe troggalyn noa er-lheh ynnyd yn unnid dy gerrid, as dy row tooilley treanal jeh skimmee jeant hannah.

Recort ee briwnys dunverys-hene, as dooyrt ee dy re failleil vooar jeh kiarail vunneydagh er ve ny paart jeh oyr e vaaish.

Neglect contributed to man's death

Coroner of inquests Jayne Hughes says neglect at a Department of Health and Social Care unit was a contributing factor in a man's suicide.

In a written verdict, she said William Walker - a 35 year old builder from Onchan - had been failed by staff of Grianagh Court where he was being treated for mental health issues.

The hearing was told he'd hanged himself in a room at the facility and later died at Noble's Hospital.

Mrs Hughes said observation procedures hadn't been followed after Mr Walker threatened his own life.

Mrs Hughes said Mr Walker should have been watched more carefully under observation rules - but staff missed items in his room that could have been used to harm himself.

She said since Mr Walker's death improvements had been made, particularly after an enforcement order was served on Grianagh Court by Health and Safety in January 2015.

She was told new purpose-built premises would soon replace the unit, and that extra staff training had already taken pace.

She recorded a verdict of suicide and said a gross failure in basic care had contributed to his death.

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