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New administration has missed an opportunity, says MHK

Ta'n reiltys noa er gholl shaghey caa, ta Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed gra

Ta'n reiltys noa er gholl shaghey caa dy gholl gys cormid share, eddyr saase sheckteragh as scrutaght pharlamaidagh.

Shen y credjue jeh Chris Robertshaw, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Doolish Hiar, dob goaill ayns laue startey çheusthie jeh rheynn reiltys.

Brialtys Lisvane bentyn da bun-troggalys pharlamaid Vannin - hed er co-smooinaghtyn liorish Tinvaal yn arragh shoh çheet - t'eh moylley dy lhisagh gagh rheynn ve jeant ass jeeragh un çhirveishagh as un oltey.

Ta queig olteynyn ayns un rheynn jeh'n reiltys noa.

As eh loayrt sy chlaare-radio Politickaght ec y Traa T'ayn, dooyrt Mnr Robertshaw nagh row eh rieau ny oltey-rheynn. As tra v'eh ny hirveishagh, cha row eh laccal ad.

New administration has missed an opportunity, says MHK

The new administration has missed an opportunity to move towards a better balance between executive process and parliamentary scrutiny.

That's the belief of East Douglas MHK Chris Robertshaw who declined to take on a position within a government department.

He says the Lisvane inquiry into the structure of the Manx parliament - which will be considered by Tynwald next spring - recommends each department should consist of just the minister and one member.

One department of the new government has five members.

Speaking on Present Politics, Mr Robertshaw said he's never been a departmental member - and when he was a minister, he didn't want them.

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