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New AG 'tried and tested ' says Lawsoc president

Va'n turneyr theayagh 'prowit dy fondagh' as eaghtyrane Lawsoc

Ta eaghtyrane yn Çheshaght Leigh er voylley pointeil John Quinn ny hurneyr theayagh beayn Vannin myr reih 'prowit dy fondagh'.

Ta Kevin O'Riordan gra dy row yindys er tra reih Mnr Quinn dy chur laue da'n startey dy lane-emshyragh. V'eh jannoo obbyr yn turneyr theayagh dy shallidagh son ny tree bleeaney t'er gholl shaghey.

Stephen Harding, e roïe-immeeaghtagh, v'eh currit ry-lhiattee sy vlein feed cheead as tree-jeig. V'eh er ny heyrey jeh drogh-yannoo erbee lurg shen, roish my jirree eh ass oik kyndagh rish drogh laynt.

Ta Mnr O'Riordan gra dy bee keeall chionnit Vnr Quinn vondeishagh da, as eh cur eddin rish doolaneyn y startey.

New AG 'tried and tested ' says Lawsoc president

The appointment of John Quine as the permanent Attorney General of the Isle of Man has been praised as a 'tried and tested' choice by the president of the Law Society.

Kevin O'Riordan says he was surprised when Mr Quinn, who temporarily occupied the role for the last three years, decided to take on the job full time.

His predecessor Stephen Harding was suspended in 2013, and later acquitted of any wrongdoing before retiring last year due to ill health.

Mr O'Riordan says his experience will hold him in good stead for the challenges of the position.

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