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New drink measures come into effect on Island 30 September

Bree currit da towseyn noa dy yough 'syn Ellan 30 Mean Fouyir

Colughtyn greinnit dy chaghlaa priosyn rere shen

Bee kuse dy howseyn dy yough meshtallagh creckit ayns thieyn bee as thieyn oast as clubbyn jeant ny sloo veih Jeheiney 30 Mean Fouyir.

Bee liggaryn gollrish gin as rum as vodka nish creckit ayns towseyn 25 millilitre shaghey 28.4 millilitre.

Shoh er coontey caghlaaghyn da'n Oardyr (Lhiasaghey)   Meighaghyn as Towshanyn (Jough Meshteylagh) Feed Cheead as Jees as Feed.

Ta'n Oik Dellal Cairagh er n'gholl gys thieyn dellal er y gherrid dy insh daue mychione y chaghlaa as dy ghreinnaghey ad dy chaghlaa priosyn rere shen.

Ta ny caghlaaghyn bentyn da ny joughyn heese tra creckit son iu ayns buill as kied oc creck jough lajer:

  • Shegin da gin, rum, vodka, ushtey bea as brandy ve creckit ayns towseyn 25ml (ny shen bishit) as CHA NEE yn fer t'ayn vees un awnse ushlagh (1/5 dy cherroo phynt).
  • Shegin da feeynyn niartit, jeh'n lheid as sherry as port as Madeira, vees creckit 'sy ghless ve creckit ayns towseyn dy 50ml ny 70ml (ny shen bishit).
  • Ta dy chooilley feeyn elley creckit 'sy ghless jee-reillit my vees ad creckit ayns towseyn ny sloo na 75ml.

Ta ymmodee reillyssyn elley jannoo ymmyd hannah jeh meadragh.

Dooyrt fer toshee yn Oik Dellal Cairagh John Peet: "Ta shin goaill tastey jeh'n argane dy reayll gyn cosoyllid Ellan Vannin as ayns stayd cadjin veagh shin geearree cummal eh.

"Agh cha noddagh eh ve lowit, stayd ve ayn as va greienyn towse an-leighalagh, ny eer mestey dy ghreienyn towse leighoil as an-leighoil."

Dinsh eh da Radio Vannin dy nee caghlaa mooar eh.

AS JOHN PEET : She red mooar dy liooar eh son y cherroo shen. Ta shin er n'yannoo keayrtyn yn chiaghtin shoh – keayrtyn coyrlee – dy yannoo shickyr dy vel fys ec sleih er, as faagail paart dy ghuillagyn fys, as ta shin er n'gholl gys y cherroo trooid y forum cur kied, myr shoh lhisagh fys ve ec yn chooid smoo dy leih er. Cha jean mayd goll stiagh myr sterrym  gra dy vel feme er jannoo shoh nish. Ta sleih foast gennaghtyn feme dy chur eam orrin dy gheddyn ny towseyn kiart. She caghlaa mooar eh, myr shoh, t'ou toiggal, bee mayd resoonagh my-e-chione. Agh my vees sleih lhiggey harrish nyn goyrle, foddee dy beagh feme er jantys dy chur bree da.

Shellooder Quids Inn ayns Doolish ta Andy Saunders.

Dinsh eh da Radio Vannin dy vel kuse dy leih as ta imneaghyn oc mychione ny caghlaaghyn.

AS ANDY SAUNDERS :  Ta mee smooinaghtyn dy vel paart dy reggyrt mastey yn theay. Ta sleih er chur roish nyn imneaghyn my-e-chione ayns ny laghyn roish nish. Agh tra ta shin cur-lesh ad as ayns rieughid jeeaghyn daue yn anchaslys eddyr ny towseyn, cha nel yn chooid smoo dy leih ro voirit ec yn jerrey jeh shen.  


Businesses urged to alter prices accordingly

Some alcohol measures sold at restaurants, pubs and clubs will be reduced from Friday 30 September.

Spirits like gin, rum and vodka will now be sold in measures of 25 millilitres instead of 28.4 millilitres.

It’s because of changes to the Weights and Measures (Intoxicating Liquor) (Amendment) Order 2022.

The Office of Fair Trading has visited businesses recently to advise them of the change and urge them to alter prices accordingly.

The changes apply to the following drinks when sold for consumption on licensed premises:

  • Gin, rum, vodka, whisky and brandy must be sold in quantities of 25ml (or multiples) and NOT the current one fluid ounce (1/5 gill).
  • Fortified wines, such as sherry, port and Madeira, sold in the glass must be sold in quantities of 50 ml or 70 ml (or multiples).
  • All other wines sold in the glass are deregulated if sold in quantities of less than 75 ml.

Many other jurisdictions already use metric.

Head of the Office of Fair Trading John Peet said: “We recognise the argument to retain the Isle of Man’s uniqueness and in normal circumstances would wish to retain it.

“However a situation where illegal measuring instruments, or even a mix of legal and illegal measuring instruments, were used in licensed premises could not be allowed.”

He told Manx Radio it is a significant change:

Andy Saunders is the owner of Quids Inn in Douglas. 

He told Manx Radio they've had some people with concerns about the changes:

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