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New Manx coins out

Cooinaghyn Manninagh noa currit magh

Va'n possan noa dy chooinaghyn Manninagh er ny chur magh Jelune, lesh cubbyl dy chaghlaaghyn scanshoil.Cha nel cooinaghyn un phing ny daa phing ayn, as bee cur-magh kiart jeant dy chooinaghyn queig punt son y chied cheayrt rieau.

Ta cooinaghyn queig punt er nyn yannoo neayr's toshiaght ny bleeantyn kiare feed, agh cha row agh beggan jeu jeant, as adsyn son çhagleyderyn.

Chammah as shen, Mike Southall, oayllee-chooiney ynnydagh, v'eh cur magh Jelune y nah chlou jeh lioar mychione shennaghys argid Maninnagh,  dy ve ec yn un traa as cur magh ny cooinaghyn noa.

New Manx coins out

The latest set of Manx coins was released on Monday, with a couple of significant changes.

There are no new 1p and 2p pieces, and there will be a proper issue of £5 coins for the very first time.

'Metal fivers' have been minted since the early 80s, but only in small quantities for collectors.Local coin expert Mike Southall was also releasing the second edition of a book on the history of Manx currency on Monday, to tie in with the circulation.

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