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New payment for those unable to work due to isolation

Cooilleen noa er-nyn-son nagh vod obbraghey er coontey tannaghtyn scarrit

Bree jeh sym gloutagh £300 Jelune 10 Jerrey Geuree maghey

Ta cooilleen jeh sym gloutagh ry gheddyn ec peiagh ennagh as t'eh ersyn tannaghtyn scarrit as nagh vod eh obbraghey.

Jelune 10 Jerrey Geuree maghey, adsyn as t'eh orroo tannaghtyn ayns quarantine lurg daue prowal jarrooagh son Covid-19 reihalagh son Cooilleen Tannaghtyn Scarrit Vannin £300.

T'eh ayns ynnyd jeh'n oardagh as oddagh sleih cur stiagh yeearree son cooney cadjin argidoil er coontey annoonid 'sy traa giare – va shen cur £230 'sy chiaghtin rish 14 laghyn.

Va shen cur daa cheead punt, jeih as feed sy chiaghtin rish kiare laghyn jeig.

Bee eh ry gheddyn ec failleydee vees cosney £120 [shey feed punt] 'sy chiaghtin ec y chooid sloo ny ec fir er-lheh cur faill dauesyn hene as ta geeck Toyrtyssyn Rang Jees yn Urryssaght Ashoonagh.

Nee eh bentyn ynrican da sleih as ta'n traa oc tannaghtyn scarrit goaill toshiaght 10 Jerrey Geuree maghey.

Ny sodjey, cha bee eh ry gheddyn ec fir er-lheh vees cosney lane faill ny ny smoo na lieh-ayrn nyn vaill son y traa oc ayns quarantine.


£300 lump sum initiative beginning on  Monday 10 January

A new lump-sum payment is available to anyone who has to isolate and are unable to work.

From Monday 10 January, those having to quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19 are eligible for a £300 Manx Isolation Payment.

It replaces the system where short-term incapacity benefit could be applied for - that provided £230 a week for 14 days.

It'll be available to employees earning at least £120 per week or self-employed individuals paying Class 2 National Insurance Contributions.

It will only apply to people whose isolation period begins from 10 January.

Furthermore, it won't be available to individuals who get full pay or more than half pay for their quarantine period.

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